It is the position of the WBAF Business School that when investors have had the advantage of training in the best practices of negotiating deals for early-stage investment, they are in a better position to ensure good returns on their investment. With this in mind, the WBAF Business School offers a wide variety of training programmes using a range of input (case studies, panel discussions, and presentations, to name a few), all of which encourage active participation and interaction on the part of those attending.

The WBAF Business School implements all its training programmes, educational webinars and certification programs through 48 international faculty members from 26 countries. Each comes from a successful international entrepreneurial background and brings field knowledge to the classroom, both online and offline.

You can learn more about the content of 22 course programmes, 6 masterclasses, 18 workshops, 7 institutional trainings, 22 educational webinars and the QBAC+ Angel Investor Course & Bootcamp by visiting this link.

Become a faculty member at the WBAF Business School
WBAF Business School has 46 faculty members, a diverse group of top global innovators and disruptors that range from niche market leaders to regional champions, all of whom collaborate to address key issues. They are tasked with identifying emerging trends and furthering the Forum’s mission of easing access to finance globally.

WBAF Business School believes that, by combining regular, small contributions from numerous dynamic faculty members around the world, we all benefit from shared learning, better networks and increased exposure.

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