WBAF introduces WBAF’s brand new website, now with 138 videos for global entrepreneurs and the investment ecosystem. In addition to a new design, WBAF has updated the content, added new material, and increased its user-friendliness.

WBAF Angel Investment Fund
WBAF is now, for the first time, raising its very own investment fund of USD 10M (the WBAF Angel Investment Fund), which will be an international co-investment platform to invest in the startups and scaleups of the Global Fundraising Stage (GFRS 2020). It will incorporate a mix of private, public and non-profit sources for the benefit of startup ventures that are looking for smart finance.

The WBAF Angel Investment Fund is designed to capitalise on the worldwide growth in entrepreneurial activity and venture financing for startups and scaleups and to benefit from WBAF’s extensive network of global investors, including angel investors, private equity funds, co-investment platforms, wealth management institutions, family offices, VCs and acceleration centres. You can join the fund as an investor by buying a $10K ticket. You can learn more about the fund structure and its mission by visiting this link.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Stage
WBAF has developed a completely new programme for investment promotion agencies, economic development boards, innovation agencies and municipalities: a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Stage. Executives of all these organisations will find a unique opportunity to present investment opportunities in their countries on the FDI Stage at the WBAF World Congress 2020. WBAF believes that presentations under the theme of Invest in This Country on the FDI Stage will be highly beneficial for the world investor ecosystem and decision-makers.

Online Library
The new WBAF website gives its visitors an opportunity to watch 138 videos from the World Congresses of 2018 and 2019, all without leaving the website. These videos are sure to contribute to your knowledge about the current state of angel investment and future entrepreneurship trends. With topics ranging from impact investment and fintech to CEO investors and startups, these videos will be essential sources of inspiration.

Videos 2018
Videos 2019

Investor Delegations
WBAF has started organising investor delegations to emerging markets around the world to establish a global communication channel that will lead to an increase in cross-border investments. The organisations represented by these delegates often have the managerial expertise and resources to act in areas where governments are unable or unwilling to do so. Destinations of the WBAF Investor Delegations are South East Europe, Western Africa, Eastern Africa and the Middle East. You can find a sample programme here.

Country Offices
WBAF engages a wide range of institutions – public and private, local and international, commercial and academic – to help shape the global agenda of early-stage equity and capital markets. One way WBAF does this is through its country offices. A country office serves as a bridge between national and international ecosystems. Launching a country office involves embracing activities that are designed to serve the national community of startups, angel investors, innovators, SMEs and entrepreneurs. You can find WBAF Country Offices in Europe, Africa, and Asia by visiting the Country Offices link.

WBAF Business School
It is the position of the WBAF Business School that when investors have had the advantage of training in the best practices of negotiating deals for early-stage investment, they are in a better position to ensure good returns on their investment. With this in mind, the WBAF Business School offers a wide variety of training programmes using a range of input (case studies, panel discussions, and presentations, to name a few), all of which encourage active participation and interaction on the part of those attending.

The WBAF Business School implements all its training programmes, educational webinars and certification programs through 48 international faculty members from 26 countries. Each comes from a successful international entrepreneurial background and brings field knowledge to the classroom, both online and offline.

You can learn more about the content of 22 course programmes, 6 masterclasses, 18 workshops, 7 institutional trainings, 22 educational webinars and the QBAC+ Angel Investor Course & Bootcamp by visiting this link.

World Leaders Programme
WBAF has 91 High Commissioners, Senators and International Partners in 57 countries. These WBAF World Leaders are a diverse group of top global innovators and disruptors that range from niche market leaders to regional champions, all of whom collaborate to address key issues. They are tasked with identifying emerging trends and furthering the Forum’s mission of easing access to finance globally.

WBAF believes that, by combining regular, small contributions from numerous dynamic High Commissioners, Senators and International Partners around the world, we all benefit from shared learning, better networks and increased exposure. The new WBAF website features biodata on all High Commissioners, Senators and International Partners.

Join WBAF’s global efforts
You will also find an opportunity to join the global efforts of the World Business Angels Investment Forum by participating in one or more WBAF programmes. You can find information about all the following programmes on the new website:

Joining the World Leaders Programme
Pitching at the Global Fundraising Stage 2020
Becoming an investor of the WBAF Angel Investment Fund
Learning more about WBAF Business School Programmes
Becoming an accredited mentor
Joining a WBAF investor delegation
Becoming a WBAF speaker at the World Congress and WBAF events
Becoming a faculty member of the WBAF Business School
Becoming an institutional member of WBAF
Applying / Nominating  for the World Excellence Awards 2020




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