72 countries celebrate World Business Angel Investors Week: Angel Investors’ Flagship, 18 – 24 October 2021

World Business Angel Investors Week WBAW 2021, coordinated globally by the World Business Angels Investment Forum, is a global platform from which to campaign for solutions to critical issues of early stage equity and capital markets, startup economies and other worldwide concerns at the United Nations, the European Union, the ASEAN Economic Community, the OECD and in G20 countries and regional and local economies. This year’s global theme is Business Diplomacy for International Entrepreneurship.

The WBAW 2021 to host more than 80.000 entrepreneurs, startups, investors, innovators, policy makers and thought leaders from around the world. An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum issues commemorative stamps for events and themes of widespread global appeal and significance of the Week. You can follow all events free and online here:

World Business Angel Investors Week, coordinated globally by the World Business Angels Investment Forum, is envisioned as a great platform where all stakeholders pause to assess their fast-paced journey, to analyse why and how we should leverage angel investment as a must-have financial tool for boosting economies, and to reiterate how entrepreneurial ecosystems can create more jobs, more wealth and more social justice in co-operation with key players in early-stage equity markets. This week-long event is an open platform for connecting, learning, sharing, exhibiting inventions and innovations, and exchanging know-how that promotes entrepreneurship and angel investment ecosystems.  It is celebrated every third week of October, under a global theme.

During World Business Angel Investors Week, partners host events and exhibitions related to that year’s theme. These event partners are individuals and organizations from various sectors who volunteer to share their insights on angel investment, the startup economy, financial inclusion, gender equality, entrepreneurship, and innovation to audiences and collaborators in various sectors. To recognise and highlight the global entrepreneurship ecosystem’s multi-lingual and multi-cultural business character, some events and activities are conducted in local languages.

We are confident that each participant in World Business Angel Investors Week will benefit from the collaboratives ideas, know-how exchange, training programs and workshops, and global networking opportunities that are offered. WBAF believes that, by working together across borders, with a common vision, and smart dynamics in mind, we are well placed to bring about positive change in the global economy.

You can follow all events free and online here:


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