The purpose of the Global Mentors Club is to provide mentorship for startups, scaleups, and SMEs around the globe, including specific market expansion services, and to offer coaching and an active exchange of information and experience concerning the formation, development, and financial structuring of the companies that apply for mentoring.

World Business Angels Investment Forum, as an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), explores ways for players in the startup ecosystem to foster innovation and deliver more business value through partnerships between angel investors, startups, scaleups, high-growth businesses, and SMEs.

In line with this goal, the WBAF 2019 Grand Assembly decided to create a new unit, the Global Mentors Club, to support startups and to accredit qualified entrepreneurs and investors as qualified mentors. Thanks to its extensive network, WBAF is now able to offer mentorship and provide consultancy for expanding into international markets.

Code of Conduct and Rules for Becoming a Mentor 
As a condition for becoming a mentor in the Global Mentors Club, each member must sign a Rules of Mentorship and Code of Conduct statement, which indicates the mentor’s agreement with and acceptance of the Global Mentors Club mentorship rules and code of conduct. 

Accredited & Qualified Global Mentors
Delivering mentoring to startups and scaleups as an accredited & qualified member of the Global Mentors Club is a privilege that is extended on a periodic basis to individual accredited mentors and is subject to renewal, non-renewal, revocation, termination or suspension by WBAF Board of Directors, which shall be elected from time to time by the members of the WBAF Global Mentors Club.

Certificate Award Ceremony – Accredited & Qualified Global Mentors
World Congress 2020  – 17 February 2020 – Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul

Qualified applicants will be accredited as a Accredited & Qualified Global Mentor after they complete the relevant online and offline interviews and training. The training is completely free of charge and will be delivered by the WBAF Business School. The Accredited & Qualified Global Mentor Certificate (AQGM) will be presented at the 2020 World Congress of the World Business Angels Investment Forum, which will take place on 17–18 February 2020 in Istanbul. Accredited & Qualified Global Mentors will be listed on the official website of the World Business Angels Investment Forum.

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