Home News US Department of Defence awards WBAF’s UK Senator

US Department of Defence awards WBAF’s UK Senator


US Department of Defence Polyplexus platform awarded WBAF UK Senator Antonio Roque for his insightful contributions to the “When and How Will AI Change our Lives?” incubator”””

UK Senator of the WBAF Antonio Roque has an academic background in mechanical engineering and entrepreneurship, and studied also quantum physics and philosophy. He started his career in the manufacturing of trains combining eight years of production engineering in multiple sectors. He worked in international trade and with executives from top oil and gas companies in Europe, South America, Middle East and China in 4D offshore survey and gas supply. He led, in parallel, for eight years, a global NGO that worked with the UN and was awarded with special consultative status to the economic and social council of the United Nations 2015-2018. He has also operational and leadership experience in working with fortune 500 tech companies in Cloud, IoT and software. He is very focused on innovation for sustainability, inclusion and space exploration.


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