The incessant developments taking place in the technology industry have seen financial crimes become more sophisticated and advanced, making the prevention of financial crime and the security of money a significant focus in recent years. At the recent 2018 World Business Angels Investment Forum, Ahmet Vefik Dincer, the Chief Executive Officer of Fineksus AML, spoke about the current financial technology landscape and where financial crime prevention tools are going. We caught up with Ahmet to find out more about his views on this fascinating topic.

How important is AI in the fight against financial crime?

AI and machine learning technologies are fast becoming the star player of financial crime prevention. In the last few years as these technologies have still been developing, false positives have been a common side effect, which leads to time and resources being wasted. Many organisations end up tackling financial crime after it has happened, mainly because of the complexity and variety of attacks that take place. AI and machine learning is one way in which the financial sector can become more proactive in their approach to preventing financial crimes from taking place in the first place.

What is the next step in AI and machine learning for the financial sector?

It is expected that the industry will soon be dominated by AI, as we have reached a point at which the minimal static transactional analysis that can be carried out manually is no longer cost effective or time efficient. Further development of AI and machine learning to help tackle and prevent financial crime is an inevitable next step for many organisations, such as Fineksus, who are already working closely with a number of major financial organisations.

Our financial messaging and anti-money laundry software vendor and provides support software, both in cloud form and on premises, to almost twenty countries around the world. Financial messaging, one of the company’s primary focuses, is a dominant feature of modern financial security, and without it, Fineksus could not achieve the global reach it now has.

An industry leader in Turkey, Fineksus is renowned for its integrated risk-based approach to financial crime prevention, and as such, their tools and services are used by the majority of Turkey’s major banks and other financial institutions.

This is why we are best suited to develop our proficiency in AI and machine learning, which we plan to launch in the next couple of months.

How exactly is Fineksus developing its AI and machine learning capabilities?

We have positioned AI and machine learning as the priority of our product investment plan, which is heavily supported by well-planned marketing and channel support, in order to ensure that customers everywhere can be reached and take benefit from our solutions.

At Fineksus, we are taking steps to reach new customers by providing solutions through Amazon,and hopes that by doing so can achieve maximum global customer reach to make the entire world’s finances as secure as they can possibly be. The company’s next step is to integrate AI and machine learning algorithms into the anti-money laundering and compliance sector, and in order for this to be achieved, global reach is essential. This is where the backup of Swift Consultancy comes into play.

The better half of Fineksus is its partner team at Swift Consultancy, whose involvement and position within the industry allow the company to meet the financial crime prevention tool needs being experienced. The sheer volume of Swift’s company contracts currently in effect goes to demonstrate the widespread need for efficient financial crime prevention.

With our help, financial organisations will be empowered by the rise of AI and machine learning technologies, making for a more secure financial world for everybody.

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