Indulge in a unique interview featuring Antonia Martina Durisch, Switzerland’s inaugural Senator, as she transitions from the World Business Angels Investment Forum to her candidacy in the National Council Elections. In an exclusive discussion with Angel Investor Review, she delves into the contemporary global landscape.

AI: Antonia, you’ve taken on numerous roles, from first Senator for Switzerland at the World Business Angel Investment Forum to candidate for the National Council Elections in Switzerland, and from President of AC Attractive Corporation AG to Impact Officer at Global Shapers Hub Lucerne, what current challenges have you observed in today’s global landscape?

A: Investment dynamics are critical for global economic prosperity, but there’s a marked disparity in investment approaches across nations, irrespective of their development. This affects everything—from economic growth to productivity.

This gap can be shown by the varied per capita investments—Switzerland, for instance, with the second highest per capita GDP in the world invests significantly more per person than China on place 71 nominal. Similarly, there’s a mismatch in how countries like Nigeria and Brazil allocate their economic strength to investments, showcasing untapped potential.

A significant challenge arises from policymakers’ insufficient understanding of the complex interplay between interest rates, growth, and investments, leading to less-than-ideal investment environments. Tragically and quite alarmingly, a significant gender imbalance persists in entrepreneurship in general as well. In conclusion, we should see it as our shared responsibility, working hand-in-hand to improve global investment landscapes.

AI: Can you elaborate on the gender imbalance in entrepreneurship?

A: Regrettably, female entrepreneurs often face an uphill battle. In 2020, a meager 2.2% of venture capital in the US was channeled to companies with female CEOs. Europe’s figures are even more somber, hovering below 1% in 2022 for all-female startups. Yet, it’s noteworthy that startups with even a single female founder tend to outperform their all-male counterparts by a significant 63%.

AI: Given these challenges, what tangible solutions are on your agenda to bridge these discrepancies and invigorate investments?

A: At AC Attractive Corporation AG, we’re at the forefront of developing avant-garde data analytics and artificial intelligence initiatives that seamlessly intertwine digitization with financial resources. By synergizing the best of the digital and financial spheres, our aim is to arm female entrepreneurs with a robust toolkit for the future. Our initiatives are thoughtfully curated, uniting investors from the World Business Angel Investment Forum with partners sharing our vision and pioneering entrepreneurs from all over the world.

AI: To wrap up, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers, particularly those new on their entrepreneurial journey?

A: Cultivate diverse business connections and draw upon their collective wisdom; this often holds the key to unlocking personal success. When considering investors, prioritize diligence and informed decision-making; every financial move should align with both your short-term objectives and long-term vision. Forge ahead with passion, determination and always bear in mind that true fulfillment and rewards arise from dedicated service.


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