The World Business Angels Investment Forum has announced that Prof Gjorge Ivanov, 4th President of Macedonia as a High Commissioner at the Grand Assembly of the world’s biggest angel investment forum. Prof Gjorge Ivanov served two consecutive terms as the President of his country (2009 – 2019).

(WBAF) High Commissioner Prof Gjorge Ivanov is to represent North Macedonia at the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum. The inclusion of North Macedonia in WBAF provides a wide range of opportunities for Macedonian start-ups, scaleups and high growth businesses and opens the doors for economic development.

Drawing on his experience as former President, he will lecture in the WBAF Business School’s Certificate Programme in Business Diplomacy for International Entrepreneurship. He will also serve as a board member of the Diplomacy in Action for Entrepreneurs group.

North Macedonia’s increased involvement in the global action plans of the World Business Angels Investment Forum will open up splendid opportunities for the country. Local Macedonian angel investors, incubation centres, accelerators, private equity funds, co-investment funds, technology parks, corporate ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs will now have more opportunities to connect with global leaders in their particular fields.

Prof Ivanov’s leadership at WBAF will provide a broad range of opportunities for start-ups, scaleups and high growth businesses and will open doors for economic development, not only for North Macedonia but for other countries in the region as well.

Baybars Altuntas, Executive Chairman of the World Business Angels Investment Forum, says, ‘As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnerships for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), WBAF supports start-ups, develops entrepreneurial ecosystems, and helps venture capital and companies connect with international companies, fintechs and other relevant institutions. We are confident about our contribution to the economic development of countries by facilitating connections with entrepreneurial ecosystems. We strongly believe that North Macedonia and the South Eastern Europe region in general will benefit from the efforts of Prof Ivanov to empower the start-up economy of the country through entrepreneurship, innovation and angel investment’.

Prof Gjorge Ivanov states that ‘engaging WBAF in the economy of Macedonia and South Eastern Europe is a good response to COVID-19. In the post-pandemic business environment, scaling up businesses demands special skills of entrepreneurs, who are obliged to secure financing as quickly as possible. WBAF will play an instrumental role in connecting Macedonian entrepreneurs with qualified investors around the globe.’

About the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)

As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) is committed to collaborating globally to empower the economic development of the world by fostering innovative financial instruments for startups, scaleups, innovators, entrepreneurs and SMEs and to promoting gender equality and women’s participation in all sectors of the world economy. WBAF invites you to join our global efforts to ease access to finance, promote financial inclusion, and create more jobs and social justice.

WBAF accomplishes its mission through various parties and channels. These include: 361 high commissioners, senators and international partners from 105 countries; 7 country offices on 5 continents; the WBAF Business School and its more than 50 faculty members from 32 countries; and 5 international working committees. WBAF also has an angel investment fund, partnerships with 12 global institutions, and economic cooperation agreements with 5 governments. The WBAF World Congress, held in February of each year, hosts at least 5 summits and numerous other events, including a Global Fundraising Stage and a World Excellence Awards ceremony. WBAF also boasts a number of publications, among which are the WBAF Business School Journal, World Class Startup Magazine, and Angel Investor Review Online.

 About GPFI

The Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) is an inclusive platform for all G20 countries, interested non-G20 countries, and relevant stakeholders to carry forward work on financial inclusion, including implementation of the G20 Financial Inclusion Action Plan endorsed at the G20 Summit in Seoul. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is the Honorary Patron of the GPFI.

President of the Republic of Macedonia
Prof. Gjorge Ivanov

Prof. Dr. Gjorge Ivanov was born on May 2, 1960, in Valandovo, where he completed primary and secondary education. He studied at the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, where he graduated, got a master’s degree and a doctorate.

During his studies, he became politically active in the liberal and reformist-oriented youth organizations. From 1988 to 1995 he was an editor of the Third Program of the Macedonian National Radio.

From 1995 to 2009 he was an assistant and then full professor at the political studies department at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje. His lectures covered political theories, political philosophy, and legal informatics. He promoted new teaching methods, helping to open the Macedonian academic community to the Western universities, bringing contemporary literature and connecting Macedonian faculties with the world-class databases in the early stages of Internet development.

In 1999 he was appointed as a Visiting Professor of the South-East Europe Program at the University of Athens, Greece. He was active in the TEMPUS program of the European Union for Macedonia, introducing curriculum reforms and master’s programs in English. As a professor, he has resided and lectured at several foreign universities and participated in several international projects. He was Head of Political Studies and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje. He was also the President of the Board for Accreditation of Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia.

Professor Ivanov is a leading expert in the field of civil society and among the very first to introduce systematic research of this area in the Macedonian academic society. He was a consultant to prominent think-tanks and research centers. Generations of leaders have passed his training in political management. Professor Ivanov is one of the co-founders of the Macedonian political science journal – “Political Thought”. He is also a founder of the first political science association in independent Macedonia. Ivanov is also one of the founders of the Institute for Democracy, Solidarity and Civil Society, a renowned Macedonian think-tank which has helped shape the political landscape in Macedonia and served as a guide to many young talents in the politics. Although never a party member, Professor Gjorge Ivanov was active in designing the reform policy of the political party VMRO-DPMNE, the party that supported his presidential nomination at the 2009 elections.

During his first term as President, he achieved a record diplomatic agenda with more 200 bilateral meetings with heads of state, more than 150 meetings with Prime Ministers, Speakers of Parliaments and Foreign Ministers. Over 100 official, working and informal visits and participations at international events. During his first term, he had more than 430 meetings with foreign statesmen, high representatives of international organizations and religious leaders. He hosted over 40 official and working visits of heads of state to the Republic of Macedonia. In his Cabinet, he welcomed thousands of citizens of various ethnic and religious groups, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations. He was a patron of numerous domestic and international cultural, scientific and sporting events. He has decorated numerous individuals and institutions in the country and abroad, of which five former and current heads of state. He established the Best Young Scientist award.

He became recognizable by the School for Young Leaders where ten generations with over 400 young people from Macedonia and abroad gained new knowledge, experiences and skills. With his engagement, he attracted over 100 most renowned university professors, statesmen and experts as lecturers at the School. For this project, the World Business Angels Investment Forum in 2018 presented him the Grand Award for the Best World Leader Investing in a New Generation.

Professor Gjorge Ivanov has been repeatedly invited as a lecturer at renowned universities in Europe, Asia and America. He is an Honorary Professor and Honorary Doctor of Science at 9 universities and academies. In March 2012, in Salzburg, he was inaugurated to a Protector of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. In December 2013, he became a member of the World Academy of Sciences and Arts.

At the Presidential elections held in April 2014, he was re-elected President of the Republic of Macedonia.

He has won many orders, medals and international awards.

Ivanov is married to Maja and they have a son Ivan.



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