The University of Split of Croatia hosts an international competition for student startups, which will be held on 20th and 21st of May 2019 in Split, Croatia. Co-organisers of this competition are Middlesex University London, UK and University of Malaga, Spain.

The most innovative student projects will have the opportunity to present their startup vision of made by the measurements and needs of a modern man in harmony with the most recent trends in technology. That way they will attract the attention of renowned world investors and enter the competition for the award for the best student startup in 2019.

Taking into consideration its status as the best ranked Croatian university, University of Split embodies the ecosystem directed towards growth and development of all its students and their projects, all in the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship and quality positioning of young experts on the job market. All of the above carries by itself a certain level of responsibility to present the best of what students can offer, what consequently results not only in the possibility of developing innovations, but also includes the opportunity to secure investments for realisation of those innovations or creating key contacts during college.

City of Split keeps track of the best world trends and implements a system of values in its community, the same system which leads world technology industries, all in favour of building a better and more stimulating environment for startups. For some time now, companies who are operating in Split are developing solutions for global markets, and the city, slowly establishing itself as „Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean”, presents a place in which technology and tourism encounter each other. Because of its Mediterranean climate, the sea, as well as capable but at the same time relaxed people, Split gives the opportunity to easily exchange ideas and create quality projects. Split is also one of the cities on the map of Startup City Guide, which presents to the world all the key places of European startup community. Through that Guide investors, enthusiasts and employers can get to know Split as a quickly developing environment, especially for the IT sector.

By participating in STup! 2019. investors will get a chance to see firsthand the opportunities which Split and young innovators are providing and also be an extremely important link in shaping the concept of the know-how startup, good mentorship and networking in a promising environment.

Exceptional cooperation between WBAF and University of Split has secured the opportunity for the winners of the STup! competition to participate in GFRS – Global Fund Raising Stage 2020 in Istanbul, where they can present their idea in front of world experts gathered around WBAF.



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