Home Must Home of Nikola Tesla is now Home of Angel Investors in Europe!

Home of Nikola Tesla is now Home of Angel Investors in Europe!


WBAF invites potential angel investors to join the QBAC+ EU Bootcamp of the World Business Angels Investment Forum Business School and to feel the real spirit of innovation in the country where it started.

QBAC+ has quickly achieved global popularity, making its way from the London Stock Exchange to the Qatar Development Bank to the Turkey Regional Development Agencies and to WBAF 2019. Now the programme is scheduled to run at the Bracak Manor of Croatia for anyone wishing to become an angel investor, 24 – 28 June 2019.

(Croatia) The World Business Angels Investment Forum welcomes angel investors of the world now in Croatia, the home of Nikola Tesla, commonly known as the father of innovation; the home of Faust Vrancic, inventor of the parachute; and the home of Slavoljub Penkala, who invented the mechanical pencil.

Business School believes that when potential individual investors have had the advantage of good training in early-stage equity markets, they are better equipped to ensure good returns on their investment.

In addition, executives of institutional investors (such as corporates, government agencies, NGOs, universities, private equity funds, banks, technology parks) and any executives that want to form an angel investment network will benefit from the QBAC+ Bootcamp.

Masterclasses – Workshops – Open Forums – Study Trips
The QBAC+ will be delivered in a bootcamp format, which will include a cultural experience programme, 1 masterclass, 3 workshops, 8 open forums, along with study trips to the Central Bank of Croatia, a technology park, incubation centers, Zagreb University, the stock exchange and the House of Parliament.

Important Guest Speakers
The Bootcamp will host important speakers in its open forums, including the Former President of Croatia, the Minister of Economy of Slovenia, the Vice President of the Croatian Parliament.

European Investment Fund (EIF) Masterclass
The EIF Masterclass focuses on techniques for developing a fund structure that will attract EIF finance. This class will be run by Cyril Gouiffes, Investment Manager of the EIF in Luxembourg.

International Insights
With guest speakers from the UK, Turkey, Slovenia, Iran, Croatia and Luxembourg, the Bootcamp will be a great platform for gaining insights from different countries and a unique opportunity for sharing experiences.

You will be accommodated as a VIP guest at a 4-star hotel for 6 nights, free of charge
All participants of the programme will be hosted by the Regional Tourism Board of Krapina Zagorje County as VIP guests. Free accommodation is provided between 23 and 28 June, 2019 – a total of 6 nights. All transfers and all VIP lunches and VIP dinners will be provided by Regional Tourism Board of Krapina Zagorje County.

You can download the full programme brochure from here:

The brochure will answer your questions about the following:

  • The goal of the programme
  • Who this programme is for
  • What it covers and how it works
  • Faculty members of the boot camp
  • Topics to be covered
  • The daily programme
  • How to register

Early Bird Registration
Please note that early bird registration ends 31 May 2019. To make your booking, please click on this link:

A big thank-you to the Croatian government
We are extremely grateful to the Croatian government and Krapina Zagorje Region for their dedications to empowering the world economy through innovation and angel investors. We also thank the Regional Tourism Board of Krapina Zagorje County for their generous hospitality in hosting the participants of the EU Bootcamp of WBAF.



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