Beyond strategic/ financial investment, the Forum has an important focus on Impact Investing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, women empowerment, financial inclusion, and realising tangible social impact returns.

What is the Purpose of CALLEFI Investment Forum?

On July 20 in London, CALLEFI ( is delighted to host this very unique, innovative, and targeted Investment Forum. The Forum purpose is to bring together the most relevant investors, industry players, and Lifestyle Brands to address advanced diligence and investment issues for this Multi-Billion Market for the Art, Fashion (of African & Caribbean heritage), Textiles, Manufacturing, Luxury Eco-Travel & Leisure, Health & Well-Being value chains; as well as their related Infrastructure eco-system.

Beyond strategic/ financial investment, the Forum has an important focus on Impact Investing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, women empowerment, financial inclusion, and realising tangible social impact returns.

What does the Forum include?

In addition to Investor Roundtables, the Forum also features Private Investor Meetings, Investor Luncheon, Art Auctions supporting African /Caribbean artists directly, and an exciting evening of Investor networking over Cocktails.

Why did CALLEFI decide to host this Investment Forum and what are the objectives?

This is a Multi-Billion Market across the Art, Textiles, Fashion (of African & Caribbean heritage), Manufacturing, Luxury Eco-Travel & Leisure, Health & Well-Being value chain, yet to date there has been little formalised engagement on the investment side.  Additionally, the related Infrastructure eco-system requires critical focus for these industries to progress in a sustainable manner and is where clear capacity building, challenges, bottlenecks, but also massive opportunities exist for long-term strategic positioning.

It is time to move beyond the creative and innovative aspects of these industries, “fashion for entertainment”, art and fashion showcases, trade exhibitions, and address important investment areas for long term viable, tangible growth as attractive investment sectors, build employment, and sustainable social/financial impact.

 That is exactly why the Forum theme is “INNOVATION, Infrastructure, Investment, and Impact”. Forum Investor Roundtables focus on building, scaling, and investing in international brands (incl. luxury); ethical “local” sourcing and use of “local” raw materials, capacity building, human capital, manufacturing and logistics; leveraging innovative technology (beyond e-commerce) “from design, to sustainable renewable energy, to manufacturing”; The New Asset Class: investing in African Art; angel investing and venture capital incubation; leveraging strategic co-investors; Family Office “operators” and NextGEN Impact Investing.

Who are some of the Partners collaborating for the CALLEFI Investment Forum, Investors/Public attending, and why?

Partners supporting the Forum include: TBLI Group (a European Family Office network), WCA Family Office Network (global), World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), Africa Business Angels Network (ABAN), FCMB Bank UK (a leading indigenous West African bank supporting its extensive private wealth management clients), AfricaInvestor, CNBC Africa (as contributor), DHL (a global strategic partner), Sphere Management, Royal Africa Society, MINE (an exclusive London-based Luxury Lifestyle Magazine), Jamaica Trade & Invest (JAMPRO), ESIMBI Magazine, Fashion4Change, Dalgety Teas, and BlackPepper PR.

Investors are very engaged on advancing their diligence and investment interests in these segments, and include: Family Offices, other strategic investors, venture capital, angel investors, private equity, and institutional investors focused on sustainable and impact investing, women empowerment, and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Luxury Lifestyle Industry professionals attending are potential strategic partners and/or trade buyers; and of course attending are award-winning and emerging Luxury & Premium Brands themselves who have curated boutiques at CALLEFI for retail sales during the CALLEFI Weekend.

Finally and most fun! general members of the public are welcomed attending not only July 20 Forum, but also the July 20-22 CALLEFI Weekend as shoppers who enjoy and appreciate Lifestyle Brands that reflect a distinct cultural heritage, and want to support directly the Brands and entrepreneurs who have an authentic impact-oriented ethos or long-term objective.

Why is there so much Forum engagement from Family Offices?

Single Family Offices, venture capital, and private HNW angel investors represent a significant component of investors attending the Forum given their aligned interests, shared ethos, and investment priorities as strategic partners and “impact operators” in the areas of impact investing and sustainability. Many Family Offices and private investors are also potential strategic co-investors and already own or control companies across the sectors of Art, Fashion, Textiles, Manufacturing, Luxury Eco-Travel & Leisure, and Health & Well-Being.

Separate to the Forum there is also CALLEFI Weekend? Sounds fun and exciting – tell us more?

Yes! Concurrent with the Investment Forum, on July 20-22, CALLEFI ( is delighted to host at this stylish, private Thames venue – a unique simply “fabulous”, innovative, and inspired weekend of hospitality for the participating Brands’ discerning retail shoppers in a fun, relaxed, and private atmosphere. CALLEFI Weekend includes art, dining (incl. Michelin-rated Zayane Moroccan restaurant), entertainment, executive lounge, and amazing high end curated Boutiques with both award-winning and exciting emerging Luxury and Premium Brands (all of African/Caribbean heritage) for retail sales, bespoke/custom orders, and buyers.

CALLEFI Art Gallery & Art Auctions

The Forum also has a number of Art Investors attending given its significant focus on Art including its Investor Roundtable (“The New Asset Class: Investing in African Art”), Art Gallery, and Art Auctions.

CALLEFI Gallery is delighted to showcase for sale traditional, tribal, and contemporary African and Caribbean Art from leading Artists. On July 20, there are two separate Art Auctions during the Investor Luncheon and evening Cocktails. Proudly featured from Ethiopia are artists Abate Damte and Kohar Kevorkian (who has shown at some of the world’s leading Art Galleries and Auction Houses). CALLEFI is also exhibiting artwork represented by JonaQuest Art Gallery with works direct from Senegal, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Haiti.

How Can We get Tickets to CALLEFI Investment Forum?

Early Bird is closing soon so we encourage colleagues to purchase remaining currently available at

Further information on CALLEFI and its mission is available on the website, or by contacting the Team at or WhatsApp (+44-7469-711-422).


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