Dr. Mohammed Elhadi, the WBAF High Commissioner for Sudan has been recently selected as the national consultant at the British Council Sudan to facilitate the design of a robust roadmap and strategy for the Social Enterprise Programme in Sudan for the next 10 years. The initiative will pave the way to enhance the country socio-economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship.

About Dr Mohammed Elhadi
Dr Mohammed Elhadi, Member of the Advisory Board of Khartoum State’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, has been appointed as High Commissioner for Sudan. High Commissioner Elhadi represents Sudan in the Global Consultants Committee of the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum.

Dr Mohammed Elhadi is Accredited in the United Kingdom as a Continuing Professional Development Coach (CDP No. 31027). He is a Certified FORTH Innovation Facilitator and Associate Professor at the College of Engineering at Karary University in Sudan. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Roadmap Group, an organisation focused on fostering innovation management through various platforms and activities, including capacity-building programs. The Roadmap Group is a member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP). Dr Elhadi is a member of the Advisory Board of Khartoum State’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, Head of the National Program for Industrial Development’s Monitoring and Evaluation Committee under the Ministry of Industry, Innovation Advisor to the Ministry of Social Development in Khartoum State, a member of the Scientific Committee for the International Entrepreneurship Conference held in February 2018 at the Sudan University of Science of Technology, and the Corporate Strategy and Innovation Advisor to a private agribusiness company. He was also recently nominated to manage the Social Economy Development Program for the State. Dr Elhadi’s most recent capacity-building initiatives include the training of more than 130 engineers in building business cases; 10 short courses in New Products Development with a total of 165 participants, and more recently, a workshop entitled Designing, Establishing and Operationalizing Sustainable Business Incubators, with over 100 participants from 30 organizations in Khartoum. The latter event, which was supported by the IASP, was conducted along with one of the Executive Board members of the Association, as well as the President of its Advisory Council. Dr Elhadi has authored a comprehensive workbook for managing technological innovations and is currently pioneering the translation of several global publications in his fields of experience into one of his country’s local languages.


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