As a global organisation, the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) brings together key players of the equity market to debate the benefits and challenges for the entrepreneurship and angel investment communities in achieving successful growth for their businesses, and to discuss what more can be done to connect the early-stage market ecosystem. The World Business Angel Investors Week (Angels Week), which is organized every June and coordinated globally by the WBAF, is a great platform for serving this mission. Angels Week campaigns for solutions to critical issues and other worldwide concerns at the United Nations, the European Union. and in G20 countries.

Angels Week 2023 hosted more than 40,000 participants at the Grand Opening Ceremony, and it was celebrated in 132 countries with local events, all under the global theme of Global Collaboration with Higher Education to Increase Financial Inclusion. Twenty-eight countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, and MENA organized online and hybrid events to kick off the Week in their countries. Vice Presidents, Ministers, Former Ministers, Mayors, and NGO leaders from 28 countries joined the events online, in person, or with video messages. The Thai government held a special opening ceremony under the auspices of the National Innovation Agency.

Angels Week 2023 concluded with the traditional Global Awards Ceremony on Sunday, 25 June 2023. The World Business Angels Investment Forum, an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), salutes those who stand out in imagining, discussing, and shaping the future of an entrepreneurial world with their outstanding efforts as Country Chairs of the World Business Angel Investors Week. Through the Global Awards Ceremony, the World Business Angels Investment Forum celebrates high performance and success in the country event celebrations – recognising and acknowledging the Country Chairs behind them.

The Best Overall Celebration of the 2023: South Africa
Country Chair: Phillip J Mostert, WBAF Senator for South Africa
Re-watch the South Africa Event here: SOUTH AFRICA  

The Best Hybrid Celebration 2023: Thailand
Country Chair: Dr Krithpaka Boonfueng, WBAF Senator for Thailand

The Best Recorded Celebration 2023: Israel
Country Chair: Fiona  M. Darmon, WBAF Senator for Israel

Special Recognition Awards 2023:
Bangladesh – Country Chair: S M Zillur Rahman, WBAF Senator
Georgia – Country Chair: Mariam Chikopaidze, WBAF International Partner
Kenya – Country Chair: Stacey Menga Onyango, WBAF International Partner
Mexico – Country Chair: Nelly Sanchez Ortega, WBAF Senator
Panama – Country Chair: Arletty Pinel, WBAF International Partner
United Kingdom – Country Chair: Hakan Candaner, WBAF International Partner
United States – Country Chair: Dr Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, WBAF Senior Senator

You can watch the celebrations of 28 countries from this link:


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