An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) announces new Senators and International Partners of the Grand Assembly.WBAF is active now in 105 countries through 361 High Commissioners, Senators and International Partners.

Albania, Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Canada, Côte D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, Uganda, UK, USA and Zambia are now more connected with global investment markets.

Albania, Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Canada, Côte D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, Uganda, UK, USA and Zambia have joined the largest global angel investors forum of the world and will now be able to connect with the global angels market, which will open up splendid opportunities for the joining countries. Now local angel investors, academics, woman leaders, finance markets, innovation ecosystems and aspiring entrepreneurs of these 37 countries will have the opportunity to connect with global leaders in the same field.

The inclusion of these countries in WBAF provides a wide range of opportunities for start-ups, innovators and high growth businesses and opens doors for economic development.

Baybars Altuntas, Executive Chairman of the WBAF, says ‘It is rewarding to see that governments around the world have understood the importance of angel investment for boosting their economies. As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) is committed to collaborating globally to empower the economic development of the world by fostering innovative financial instruments for startups, scaleups, innovators, entrepreneurs and SMEs and to promoting gender equality and women’s participation in all sectors of the world economy. WBAF invites you to join our global efforts to ease access to finance, promote financial inclusion, and create more jobs and social justice’


• Ajit Goswami, Senior Vice President at the IDBI Asset Management, India
• Antonio Roque, Global Team Leader at the Microsoft & Co-founder of the World Peace Alliance, UK
• Brad Yasar, Co-founder of Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) & Founder and CEO of Beyond Enterprizes, USA
• Chandra Shukla, Advisory Council Member of the Harvard Business Review & Vice President at TD, India
• Egzona Aliu M.A., Managing Director at the EURO AKTIVA, Republic of North Macedonia
• Erick Watson, Fund Development Manager for Seattle Angel Conference (SAC) & Managing Director of SproutVest Advisers, USA
• Hector Shibata, Director of Investments and Portfolio at the AC Ventures Fund & Associate Professor at the EGADE Business School del Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
• IIkay Demirdag, Head of Investor Relations at Enerjisa, Turkey
• Muliandy Nasution, President of Board of Directors, Fath Capital, Indonesia
• Nilesh Maheshwari, Founder and CEO of the Emorphis Technologies & Angel Investor at the Indian Angel Network, India
• Pablo Ignacio García, Executive Director at the Enlaces – Angel investors network, Dominican Republic
• Philippe Pango, CEO of the Ivory Coast Free Trade Zone of ICT and Biotechnology (VITIB SA), Côte D’Ivoire
• Prasun Mishra, PhD, Founding President and CEO of the American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM) & Chair of ACT: AAPM Coronavirus Taskforce, USA
• Rami AlKarmi, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of the Jordan Ahli Bank, Jordan
• Rob Van der Stel, Managing Partner of the Circle NRG, Netherlands
• Rohail Khan, Head, Finance and Investments at the Wetschester Group Investment Management Inc, Saudi Arabia
• Savas Unsal, President of Unsal Global Ventures & Founder of crowdFON, Canada
• Thierry De Gorter, Managing Partner at the Jet Class Group blockchain bank & UTON Bank, Sweden
• Timothy David, Director of International Relations and Strategic Business Partnership, United Nations, USA
• Tunc Berkman, Partner at the TBS Investment and Management , Turkey

International Partners

• Abid Malik, International Mentor, USA
• Abigail Bwalya, Principal Coordinator at the Charity Center for Children and Youth Development , Zambia
• Adetola Salau, Senior Special Assistant on STEM Education at the Lagos State Government, Nigeria
• Adnan Shefkiu, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Agolli&Co., North Macedonia
• Aldi Rama, Founder of the iNext 3000, Germany
• Anisa Berisha, UK – Albania Tech Hub Project Officer, British Embassy , Albania
• Arthur Beihemuki, Partner at the Juniper Networks, Uganda
• Ayse Kasikci, Investment Consultant, Turkey
• Bolarinwa David, Head Of Payments. Digital Transactions {FINTECH} Financial Inclusion at the Digital Extra, Nigeria
• Boran Kerim, CFO at the Teko Mining, Serbia
• Can Izbul, Communications Consultant, Turkey
• Claudio Chifa, CxO – Incident responder, DFIR, Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Innovation, Spain
• Cynthiah Asha Amani, Business Development Manager at the Interafcon, UAE
• Derreka Rollins, CEO of the World Class Exchange LLC, USA
• Elmira Pistayeva, Senior Government Relations the Foreign Investors’ Council (FIC) chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
• Eltonjohn Dsouza, Founder of the QOLAB Solutions, India
• Ezgi Ucaner-Flor, Chief Credit Officer at Business Impact NW, USA
• Farouk Khailann , Secretary General at Global Chamber of Business Leaders, Ghana
• George Dimitriou, Advisor at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Greece
• International Partner George Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at Wenzhou Hams Information & Technology, Tanzania
• Irfan Karamat Ali, Information Technology Manager at the NetFax , Bahrain
• Joıinal Ahmed, Data Scientist, India
• Leslie Sapp, President and CEO Kha-Nu National Community, USA
• Lukman Raimi, Assistant Professor & Assistant Director AUN Centre for Entrepreneurship, American University of Nigeria, Nigeria
• Mike Bondo, Co-founder of Go Global Impact Investment, Democratic Republic of the Congo
• Mohammed Ibrahim Jega, Co-Founder of the Domineum, Nigeria
• Mohamoud Abdi, Project Manager at the Hawte Investments, Somalia
• Morphis Tsalikidis, Founder of the Morphis Consulting, Greece
• Mpho R. Moloko, Founder & Director at AEP-NMR, South Africa
• Neeti Mathur, Director at the Neeti Mathur Consulting Pvt, India
• Nicolau Alexandra, Digital Transformation Enthusiast, Romania
• Nina Womack, Director of Global Branding & Design at State of the African Diaspora (SOAD), USA
• Niraj Jain, Managing Partner at Jain Ambavat & Associates, India
• Nitika Sonkhiya, Co-founder of the Onearth, India
• Oscar Ndayisenga, Co-founder of the Burundi Investors Network (BIN), Burundi
• Patrick Driscoll, Programming Board Chair at the StartOut, USA
• Pietro Lanzarini, Co-founder and CEO of the Traxit, Italy
• Poornanand Kulkarni, Founder of the CoachEd, India
• Prakash Sharma, Global Startup Ecosystem – Ambassador, India
• Prashant Dua, Founder of the PitchWorks , India
• Rahel Boon-Dejene, Founder & CEO of R&D Group and RBD Consultancy , Ethiopia
• Ralph Pecker, Chief Executive Officer at Paycode (Pty), Zambia
• Samir Ceric, Executive Chairman at Mayfair Investment Club, Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Shalu Bhandari, Founder and CEO of the Chair Consulting, India
• Swen Wegner, Founder & CEO at Mainstage Incubator , Germany
• Sylvester Uche, Information Technology Technician at the Gongoni, Nigeria
• Vignesh Raja, Management Consultant, India
• Yacine Keddou, Fashion Designer, Algeria

The World Business Angels Investment Forum interacts with leaders in all areas of society — first and foremost in business and political spheres — to help assess needs and establish goals, bearing in mind that the public interest is of paramount importance. WBAF engages with a wide range of institutions — public and private, local and international, commercial and academic — to help shape the global agenda. WBAF holds that, with the participation of individuals and institutions from multiple sectors and from all parts of society, real progress can be achieved.

One way WBAF does this is through its partnership agreements and joint projects developed with international institutions. Until now, WBAF made agreements with International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group (IFC), London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), International Science Parks Association(IASP), World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), World Association of Free & Economic Zones (FEMOZA), World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FMEZE), Latin America and the Caribbeans Angel Investors Federation (XCALA), African Business Angels Network (ABAN) and The Middle East Trade Association for Business Angels (MBAN).

WBAF also engages individuals and institutions through its High Commissioners, Senators and International Partners. Becoming a WBAF High Commissioner, Senator or International Partner involves embracing activities that are designed to serve the global community and WBAF members. By combining regular, small contributions from the many dynamic High Commissioners and Senators around the world, we all benefit from shared learning, better networks and increased exposure.

High Commissioner: One High Commissioner is appointed for each country.
Senator: An unlimited number of Senators can be appointed from a given country

Each High Commissioner and Senator will take a role in one of the many WBAF Committees: the Global Women Leaders Committee, the Academic Committee, the Innovation & Science Parks Committee, the Impact Investment Committee, the International Fintech Committee, the World Crowdfunding Committee, the Global Incubation Centers Committee, the Global Co-Working Spaces Committee, the Private Equity Committee, the Wealth Management Committee, the Banking Committee, the Start-ups Committee, the Scale-ups Committee, the Exits Committee, the ICO Committee, the Artificial Intelligence Committee and so on. For a complete list of committees, please contact WBAF headquarters.

To have an idea about the current High Commissioners and Senators, please visit the website below.

You can visit the following link to learn more about how to represent your country at the World Business Angels Investment Forum


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