BPB has been awarded The Banker’s the Bank of the Year 2019 award, for Kosovo.The successful development of the BPB is due to the support the bank provides to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the convenience and flexibility it provides to its clients, in general.

Bank for Business (BPB) has announced today that for the second time running, it has been awarded with “The Banker” Award for Best Bank of the Year in Kosovo. The Banker magazine is a publication of the prestigious Financial Times newspaper, which has been evaluating the global financial sector since 1926.

Arton Celina, Executive Director of the Bank for Business has received the esteemed award given to the BPB for Kosovo at The Banker’s grand awards ceremony in London.

“Today, all of us at BPB are very proud to be honored with the award recognizing us as the bank of the year in Kosovo. Overall confidence and appreciation given to the BPB continuously, reflects our efforts to put the bank’s strategy into transformation of the country’s economy through the direct support and development we provide to small and medium-sized businesses, and the agro sector in Kosovo” stated BPB’s CEO, Arton Celina.

The BPB award has come as a result of the bank’s success in facilitating loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, which are recognized as the main catalyst for the development of a country’s economy. Through strategic positioning and easy and flexible access to its customers and customers, BPB has now taken up 15 percent of the market in the sector.

“From our experience with non-banking clients, we have found that young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and young people who have new business ideas face extremely limited access to finance and this is the main obstacle to their growth. To avoid this barrier in the market and to support this market-excluded segment, the BPB has developed the “Financial Inclusion” program, which is an initiative aimed at providing access to useful and affordable financial products and services which are offered in a responsible and sustainable way” Celina said further.

“The availability of financial services that meet the specific needs of users without any discrimination is a key goal of our bank. The BPB Initiative valued by the local market, and especially by The Banker. In addition to easing the access to finance, the program has social benefits; as it promotes gender equality, reduces unemployment, makes the much needed trade balance adjustment and positively impacts overall economic productivity in our country”.

The Banker’s estimates provide economic and financial intelligence for the financial sector worldwide, and the institution has established a reputation for objective and accurate reporting of the sector throughout the globe.

The Banker remains the most reliable source of banking information since 1926.

The prestigious institution has important legacies in the global market for over 90 years, surviving even during the Wall Street crisis of 1929, the 2008 financial crisis, and today stands with the same reputation and credibility for accuracy, authority and integrity across the global financial industry.

The Banker awards ceremony was held on November 29 in London. This is the second time that BPB has won the prestigious award as The Best Bank of the Year in Kosovo by The Banker.

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